Garage Records Price & Reference Guide: 1960's Garage, Psychedelic & Uncharted Rock 45's by Barry G. Wickman and Geoffrey M. Richman -

About the Garage Records Price and Reference Guide

About The Authors
Barry Wickham has been avidly collecting garage records for over 30 years and is a well-known expert in the field. His knowledge of garage and psychedelic records is enchanced by his years of experience as a record dealer, thus he has first hand exposure to prices and price trends. Barry's years of experience and expert knowledge form the foundation of the book.

Geoff Richman has been a record collector for decades, but his focus was Rockabilly and rare picture sleeves before going into semi-retirement to pursue other interests. While Geoff is always tempted to get back into collecting he has always wanted to put out a guide. Geoff did the hands-on research, created the database that generated the book and guided the design and production of the book.

This guide has been compiled and published to contribute to a hobby we have both enjoyed for more than twenty years. When we first began collecting records - and in particular 45s - in the late 1970s, we were constantly finding discs we had never seen before, or discovering ones that had only been rumored to exist. We benefited from both the early price guides, and from information that other collectors shared with us, and so now we have the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in a way that can educate and inform collectors and dealers around the world.

What Is Included

This 1st edition of the Price and Reference Guide for 1960s Garage, Psychedelic and Un-charted Rock 45s contains over 10,000 listings by thousands of different artists and was compiled over the last five years. The vast majority of information was obtained from primary research conducted by the authors. Each record was individually reviewed whenever possible. All the information available from the labels, dead wax and, when applicable, picture sleeves was meticulously documented, identifying any known variations. In addition, information from other collectors and listings of items for sale or auction was used when we were not able to physically examine a record ourselves.

This guide is primarily focused on garage rock records pressed in the United States and Canada between 1964 and 1970. While this is a general rule of thumb, it is by no means a hard and fast definition, as some records that were made before or after this time frame have been included. In addition, we have included some rare or obscure un-charted rock records issued during this same time period, as many of these records have never before appeared in a price guide. We have also occasionally included 70s releases by significant artists that have strong links to the 60s garage and psychedelic era, such as Roky Erickson or Sky Saxon, as these are collectable items that are often included in a discography of these artists.

This book is a price and reference guide for records, and as such is not focused on documenting the history of the garage genre or the bands of this time period. While we find that information extremely interesting, we understand a book with that focus is being written, and look forward to its publication in the near future.

We have made a conscious effort to include only records we have seen or have received specific information about from collectors. While this approach is limiting, in that there are records we have not seen that ought to be included, it also makes the information in this guide more accurate, as we have actually seen or been able to verify almost all of the records included in this guide. In addition we feature as much information about a record as possible, with the belief that the more information, the better. For example, when a variation exists that contains a different mix of a song, or was pressed at a different plant, the dead wax information is provided if known. Garage collectors are more concerned about the music in the grooves than, say, Beatles collectors, to whom minor label variations can have a significant impact on a record's value. Nonetheless, stock and promo copies of records are listed separately when they are known to exist, as one is often more rare than the other. Again, our philosophy is the more information, the better.

How You Can Help

While a tremendous amount of research has been conducted to produce the 1st edition of this guide, we are highly cognizant of the fact that there may be thousands of additional records that should be included but are not currently listed, and there are undoubtedly some listings that are incorrect or incomplete. In an effort to further improve this guide for the future, we are constantly adding new listings, discovering variations, adding additional information and updating prices. We are always looking for input from collectors around the world who are interested in contributing. If you have any additions or corrections, please contact us at the following address:

Geoffrey M. Richman
P.O. Box 1307
Mill Valley, California 94942
(415) 310-6960

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